CashPirate (Android app)

Free Cash App

CashPirate: available from Google play is a simple to use app that needs little time to start earning small amounts of cash. Its fairly new so has its limitations on the amount of offers available. However by just popping on the app a couple of times a day you will soon have your first payout.

  • Watch Videos
  • Download and open apps
  • Complete offers

1000 coins = $1 (The minimum PayPal payment is $2.50/2500 coins) *Amazon vouchers also available*

After trying a few apps of this nature CashPirate seems to be the only one that works.Payments are instantly made as soon as you hit your goal target. (Again minimum goal amount is 2500 coins $2.50)

To get 500 bonus coins please use this referral code on sign up: EZXNTO

*Bonus coins are added to your account gradually as you download apps/watch videos*

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